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2011 SE Racing P.K. Ripper

2011 SE Racing P.K. Ripper

Great Retro bike with some of the legends of SE's autographs on it.

This is a never ridden 2011 SE retro PK Ripper

Its box stock and signed by

Todd Lyons (brand manager for SE)

Bubba Hayes (Long time racer for SE)

Perry  Kramer (PK himself)

Scott  Breithaupt (SE himself)

Stompin Stu Thompson

This bike was a raffled off at  race Bubba Hayes put on at his Track, He is the Track TO of Pikes Peak BMX in Colorado springs and raced for SE up until last year when he started his own frame company called Blaze bikes. Bubba is a close friend and a mentor of mine. He holds a benefit race every year for pumps for pumpkins. Its a fund raiser for kids with Diabetes to help by them insulin pumps and supplies. I wasnt the lucky winner but kept bugging my good friend until he sold me the bike.

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