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1979 SE Racing P.K. Ripper

1979 SE Racing P.K. Ripper

1979 SE Racing pre serial Number PK Ripper

Here is a 1979 SE Racing pre serial number PK Ripper. I bought this on ebay in very rough shape.  The seller only lived 30 minutes from me so i drove to his house and picked it up within an hour of winning the ebay auction!  I sent the frame to Chip at C4 Labs for a new seat mast, brake bridge, and drop out work.  As you can see, Chip did a masterful job ressurrecting this frame.  Thanks to Chip at C4 for the great frame and thanks to you for looking! Enjoy!




-   frame   -   SE Racing pre serial number PK Ripper, SE tan

-   fork   -   mint Cycle Pro/BMX Innovations, SE brown

-   headset   -   NOS gold Hatta

-   stem   -   mint gold 1st gen. Tuf Neck

-   bars   -   NOS gold Alps aluminum

-   grips   -   NOS Tange (like Hutch)

-   Brake lever   -   NOS gold  Dia Compe pre bent

-   brake caliper   -   NOS gold Dia Compe 1020

-   brake cable   -   mint SE brown Shimano

-   brake pads   -   NOS finned 1st gen Scott Mathauser

-   seat   -   NOS brown suede Strada

-   seat post   -  NOS gold fluted

-   clamp   -   mint gold HJMX

-   cranks   -   NOS gold Shimano 600

-   Bottom bracket   -   mint gold ano Bullseye

-   pedals   -   NOS gold MKS BMX-7

-   pads   -   mint brown SE

-   rims   -   NOS gold Weinmann 7b

-   hubs   -   NOS gold looseball high flange Sunshine

-   tires   -   Comp II re issue

I an thrilled to finally have a pre serial number PK!  I hope you enjoyed it!!  Thanks!

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