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1983 SE Racing Quadangle

1983 SE Racing Quadangle

1983 SE quadangle - my lady Needs some work B-)

Just picked up this 1983 Reynold's tubing SE Quadangle with original paint and decals and a few extras. Gold Tuf Neck Clamp and bottom half of a Tuf Neck, also Uni Seat and Post. There are no cracks or re welds but there is a good dent on the bottom left part of frame which will I will be repairing. This bike will be going in the KMX Museum which will be a real deal museum dedicated to BMX bikes of the 80's in New Jersey. The museum will house our bikes and indoor race track (Well that's the dream ) and this Quadangle was also a dream bike a a kid. Looking forward to bringing her back to life. Color theme suggestions welcomed - I was thinking electric blue. Thoughts?



Elohs Sana Sinimda

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