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1983 SE Racing Quadangle

1983 SE Racing Quadangle

Here is the true definition of BMX patina. SOLD

This was a Craiglist find from Lakewood about one year ago. I saw the photo but it was small and blurry but enough to know that it was an early Quad. I called and left a voicemail asking of course if it was still available and that I wanted to buy it. I get a phone call a few minutes later from the seller. He said that I was the first caller. We talked a bit and I told him that I would leave work to pick up the bike. He said that it was not necessary and that he would hold it for me til the next morning because he was leaving to work in a few hours. I agreed but then told him that he was gonna several phone calls from people wanting to buy it. He assured me that I was gonna get the first chance to see it and buy it. So I hung up the phone and was stoked. After a few minutes, all I can think about is someone else snaking the bike from me. So, I called the guy back and I told him that I could leave work to pick the bike up. We started talking and we soon realized that we grew up in the same city but he was just a couple years older. He told me that he picked up this Quad in the early 90's from the original owner who lived in the hills of Pasadena. He assured me again and I felt much better because I built a good repoire with him. I agreed to meet him at his house in the morning the next day and of course I show up an hour early. So the rest is history. 

  • Race
  • Company: SE Racing
  • Model: Quadangle
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 83 Quad ff titron pedals 401 redline full wrap dk neck cw bars hunt wilde grips pro class hard anno rims, suzie sealed hubs cheng shin tyres DID chain DCMX clamp uknown post viscount seat MX 1000 brakes