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2010 SE Racing So Cal Flyer 24

2010 SE Racing So Cal Flyer 24

TWENTY FOUR INCHES OF FUN when riding this modern So Cal Flyer. Very nice bikes for the low price and surprisingly strong.

Picked this up new in 2010 and have slowly been adding a few nicer parts and trying to lighten this thing up. The aftermarket SE Landing Gear forks were a must as the stockers are a boat anchor as well as the switching the seat post to a Thompson Elite for the same weight issue. The bike feels very stable with the modern 24" Graphite Tuff Wheels on it no matter how hard I rack down on it even though they added a little extra pound'age over the stock spoke wheels. Last three things will be putting on a set of SE Hauler hollow spindle cranks I have, changing the brakes out to a set of Avids I have, and picking up a set of lighter weight black SE Pro bars soon.

  • All-Around
  • Company: SE Racing
  • Model: So Cal Flyer
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Headtube size: Internal
  • Details Aftermarket SE Landing Gear Fork, Thompson Post, SE Post Clamp, SE Seat, Retro Pad Set, Profile Stem and Chainwheel, Odyssey Pedals, Graphite Tuff Wheels.