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1982 SE Racing Sunshine Cruiser 26

1982 SE Racing Sunshine Cruiser 26

 prototype built by Murray (USA)  for SE Racing  1982

see pic.2 for details....


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To repeat the story, we were going to have Murray manufacture bikes for us. They sent us two containers of BMX bikes that were so bad that I refused them, they finally took them back, restickered them and sold them to Pep Boys. They also sent us three cruiser samples that we had spec'ed. the single speed we traded for some body fender work on my Mustang, the 3 speed with the Sturmey-Archer rear hub Scot kept, God only knows who wound up with it, and I got this 5 speed. It's all original except for the tires, which were gumwalls. The rear rack didn't come on it either. Note the head badge sticker. It's a bubble logo, just like the SE sticker, with wings, yet! We called them Sunshine Bikes, but after we refused the BMX bikes the deal fell apart, so the only bikes we wound up with were the three protos. Definitely rare....
Mike D."

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