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1981 SE Racing Ripper

1981 SE Racing Ripper

Circa 1981 Ripper...

The small brother of a True Legend and a Truly Classic bike for the enthusiast.


I use to race Pk's BITD and noticed the guys who also rode these Little Legends, so having this soft spot for them I decided to get one and build it up.


I Got this off a member here about 12mths ago and his name eludes me ATM, but he said it was from the "Muxter" batch, so after some research I am led to believe that this in the name of an avid collector of Old School bikes in the US (please excuse and correct me if my info is incorrect), so if he see's this i hope he likes it as much as i do.

All the parts are A+ quality survivor through to NOS..... (although not now they have been mounted) 

Here's a quick parts run down ....

SE Frame with Landing Gear Lites
Race Inc. Bars
Mini Pro Neck
Hutch Mini pedals with Crupi cages
CQP 151mm cranks
DC 730 Calipers w/- MX III Lever
Ukai 20 x 1 1/8 survivor hoops laced to HF Shimano hubs with Chen Shin 20 x 1 3/8 tyres fitted
Tuff Neck Seat Clamp
Uni Mini seat
DID chain
Ame' mini grips (repo)

Submitted by daripper