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1980 SE Racing P.K. Ripper

1980 SE Racing P.K. Ripper

Early Loptail PK Ripper - Original Finish - Candy Blue

This build has been a long time coming.
But I finally finished my first and only SE Looptail PK Ripper.

I was collecting parts before I even had the frame set for one of my last early 80's race builds. I had a blurry vision of what i wanted. but it came together even nicer than I had originally hoped. This one contains a lot of the factors that I've always wanted in an early 80s racer. Getting this frame set with it's aged original candy blue paint and perfectly weathered original decals really set the whole bike in motion. Other key parts were getting those first gen. DK hubs, Cook Brothers Pro Bars, first gen. Cycle Pro Snakebelly Tires, and a used but not abused Phil spider.

I've always wanted a PK, and the color is absolutely mesmerising. As good as the pics came out, they still do not do the original paint justice. The natural aging of the color and variation in the metallics of the paint are just beautiful. It's like looking at an old classic fender stratocaster - or an old corvette.

Thanks to everyone that helped me get this thing together, the right way. (you know who you are).
I'm a damn happy camper. :)

Here's a parts breakdown:

  • - 1979-1982 Looptail PK RIPPER frame  (Original Paint & Stickers)
  •     ----- original "Wheeler Dealer" bike shop sticker too.
  • - Landing Gear Fork (original paint and Stickers)
  • - Cook Brothers PRO bars - original chrome
  • - 1st Generation DK, High Flange Hubs (original stickers)
  • - Araya 7x rims
  • - Cycle Pro Snakebelly tires (1.75) 1st generation pre-label.
  • - Tufneck Pro Stem - silver unpolished
  • - Profile (3rd Gen) Cranks
  • - Phil Wood 110 Spider
  • - Sugino 44t Chainring
  • - Shimano DX pedals (unpolished)
  • - Viscount Suede seat (stamped underside)
  • - Troxel seatpost
  • - Dia Compe MX Hinged Seat Clamp
  • - Dia Compe MX900 calipers
  • - Dia Compe Tech 3 Lever (original chrome)
  • - Tange Grips (ultra comfy!)
  • - Tange 320 Headset
  • - Tange Headlock
  • - Hank & Frank sticker slapped on the post for fun.