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1980 SE Racing Quadangle

1980 SE Racing Quadangle

This is a real 1979-80 Quad built to replicate one of Stu's bikes from the SE ad

This has been on the top of my build list for a long time. The frame is an early SE Quad, which I restored in the spring of  2011. It's original color was powder blue, but barely any of the paint was left. I sent it out to Chip at C4 labs for a correct SE tan finish. The bars and forks were also done by C4 in Chocolate brown. There are a few details to change - seat post clamp needs to be a Powerlite PL-1 (finding one may take a while), the Addicks sprocket needs to be the Swiss-cheese version, and I would like to find a set of original SE bars in chocolate brown, The ones on this bike are Race Inc, which are pretty much the same thing.


Submitted by 66alfa_gtv

  • Race
  • Company: SE Racing
  • Model: Quadangle
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details SE Quadangle frame SE forks CEBE stem aluminum bars Oury grips Takagi MX cranks KKT rat trap pedals Addicks sprocket UN Hammerhead seat Shimano front hub Shimano DX rear hub Carlisle Agressor front tire Cheng Shin rear tire

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