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1980 SE Racing Quadangle

1980 SE Racing Quadangle

Great hand- be- down from my brother.

This was my brothers Quad, he had this bike as long as I could remember. If I remember right it was originally RED. He bought it as a frame and fork set. The forks that came with bike, and is still with the bike were DG's.  This bike was raced in the early eighties, then the freestyle boom came and was transformed into a White freestyle bike with black Skyway mags, CW handle bars, Redline Stem thats  now on my 1986 Haro Group 1. This bike did alot of time on a quarter pipe we had in our backyard, not to mention the thousands of tailwhips and Miami Hoppers. Somehow it survived??? The bike was then forgot about when my brother got his driver's license. The bike did some hanging upside down time in the garage, until I got my hands on in the late eighties. I stripped it once again, and painted it the colors you see now. I put it together and rode it for about a week then tore it down and this is the way it has sat for 20 years. The reason I didn't ride this bike for very long is that I had a ton of bikes even back then, and  If it wasn't a HARO or GT, or Hutch, you had nothing. Kids my age had no clue what kind of bike it was, no one had one that lived around us. In all seriousness this is the only one I've ever seen in person. 

 When it came to keeping bikes when my parents moved from my childhood home I kept two; My Haro Group1 that already in the Museum, and this great condition SE Quadangle. Everything else was given away. I kept the best one. Now its my turn again to turn this true classic in to it's time era form. I'm going to go for an early eighties racing look. so if anybody wants to give me some insight or got some old parts they want to sell  let me know. I just want to do this build right. 

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