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1979 SE Racing STR-1 Prototype

1979 SE Racing STR-1 Prototype


You may have heard by now all of the rumblings about the latest "find" -- the thought-to-be-completely-extinct STR-1 frame. The original Quad Angle, with the twin down tubes cradling the BB shell - the Stu Thomsen Replica has been one of the most sought-after, dreamed-of pieces in the vintage BMX world. This is a key element of how SE started - their first prototype product.
Check out how the tubing from the headtube to seatmast is one long, single tube ... a tube-bender's worst nightmare.

Rumored at one time to have only made less than 10. Also rumored at one time to have been made less than 5. (Only Breithaupt knows for sure.)   Stu himself says: "Some say they have one, others say they know someone who has one, but there has never been any proof. Now we have proof that one is out there."

The new owner uncovering this piece of BMX history is famed BMX announcer Lenny Batycki - who received it from his good friend (famous Florida Pro, for Factory SE) Seth Bucceri. All these decades, the holy grail of BMX has been stored in a Florida attic.

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  • Race
  • Company: SE Racing
  • Model: STR-1
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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