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1981 SE Racing P.K. Ripper

1981 SE Racing P.K. Ripper


This is my beloved  1981  pk ripper with custom Mirror decals

This is the latest build for this bike.

It was electric blue with silver deacals but i scratched the paint whilst assembling it.The paint is a closer match to the DX cranks.It is the best paint job i have seen in a long while.The pictures dont do it justice..

I have tried to use mostly shimano parts and it has'nt been a cheap build

Parts used so far

Shimano Dx cranks NOS

Shimano Dx pedals NOS 

Shimano DX hubs   NOS

Shmano MX two tone lever NOS

Shimano Tourney brake caliper NOS

Araya 1 1/8 Race rims NOS

Sugino Stem NOS

Suntour clamp NOS

SE Raceing wing bars NOS

Tange 320 headset ,this was gift from a dude in the states.So thanks dude (Craig)

Just the brake cable to go

The pictures do not do this bike justice.I truly Love this bike and think it is quite unique










Submitted by Rerun