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1981 SE Racing Quadangle

1981 SE Racing Quadangle


1980/81 SE Racing 531 QuadAngle looptail...


The frame was a gift, from Mr. Mike Devitt...  so I had to build it .. enjoy.




1980/81 $E Racing 531 QuadAngle looptail...1st gen Landing Gear fork, Araya 7B rims,(3X) w/ Sapin spokes, Campy track hubs ,Tioga Comp II Fat & skinny  tires, Campy cranks & sproket, Bullseye ball Bracket (NOS) , Suntour freewheel (NOS)  , Regina chain ,Race Inc. bars ,Oury grips (NOS) , Xcaliber seat clamp (NOS) , Pro Neck, Team Products lever (NOS), Shimano brake, Mathausers curved finned pads, Proto Plate (NOS), KKT magnesium pedals (NOS),  SE pads, Elina Lightning Bolt Seat (NOS) ,,,,,

frame & fork, re-powder coated.. all other finnishes are original.




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