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1997 SE Racing Quadangle 24

1997 SE Racing Quadangle 24




1997 SE Quad 2/4 (24") prototype; Only two were built, & the other one was cut in half.

chrome stamped L.G.'s , 24" Graphite Tuffs,  Jad cranks, Knight stem, Radix bars,SDG I-Beam seat & post, Paul brakes, FSA head set,, SE racing Comp III tires,. pin striping by; Bob Iverson (RIP).


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“This is the genuine, no nonsense, not created in the last few days, copy of something that someone else designed.. SE Quadangle 24" frame.  This proto was designed and built around 1997, when the original shop was still going.  The whole idea was to upgrade the whole line, from PK, to FLOVAL FLYER, add this new bike, a 24" QUAD, and the OM.  Some got prototyped, shown in Europe at the EuroBike show in Germany, where they were a huge hit, and then forgotten about..too bad!  the built-in wheel adjuster mechanism/chain tensioner.  The frame is 6061-T6.  Note that the chain stay assembly is welded, not dip-brazed...we hadn't finished the process yet on that.  Top tube dimension is 23" Center to Center.  Seat post is 26.8mm.  " (Quote from Mike Devitt)








qa 24

NEW PIC's  the hand drawn print (the other 24" Quad)


SE promo video (13 seconds in)




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