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2011 SE Racing Ripper

2011 SE Racing Ripper

SE and the Bandit

Hi again,

Here's my 2011 SE Racing Ripper.  

I picked this up as a completely stock black Ripper with red forks (the last photo shows the bike when it was listed on the 'bay). The plan was always to build a black and gold bike,  inspired by the Bandit's '77 Transam (well, the movie car(s) was actually a '76, but that's a different conversation).

Why start with a "Ripper" rather than a PK, I hear you ask?  Well,  the Ripper is essentially a PK, built to a lower price point and therefore using cheaper parts.  But the frame.... that's a beaut.  Classic PK Ripper looks, 6061 aluminum, beautiful welds, 20 inch top tube (only a half inch shorter than the PK), and get this, a bare frame weight of only 1670 grams.  That compares to the PK Ripper Team I own at 2150 grams.  

The stock Ripper had some pretty average parts on it, including the most horrible chainring the world has ever seen,  and the heaviest set of handlebars I've ever held (I'll keep the handlebars as a boat anchor). But once you ditch the cheap bits,  you've got a lightweight racer that's every bit PK.  So if you've wanted a modern PK but don't want to spend a mozza, consider the lesser Ripper.  

Hope you like it. 


Submitted by Bmxdirector

  • Race
  • Company: SE Racing
  • Model: Ripper
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"