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2015 SE Racing Ripper Jr

2015 SE Racing Ripper Jr

PK's younger brother

Hi all. 

This is my 2015 SE Racing Ripper Junior.   It's a bit of a departure from what I'd normally build,  being both fairly modern,  and a junior sized frame. 

I picked this up as a frame only,  in the original box.   It was brand new,  and still sported little quality control stickers in various spots. 

As to whether these things are worthy of carrying the legendary Ripper name I really couldn't say,  but that said,  I loved what i saw when I removed it from the box.  Full aluminum,  beautiful welds,  and holy anorexia batman,  it is light!  1220 grams according to my scales.  Granted this is only a junior sized frame with all tube lengths slightly shorter than the full sized frames,  but still pretty light in anyone's books. 

Having acquired the frame I was left with the Shakespeare quandary many of us face...... to build our not to build,  that is the question.  Well,  you can see my decision for yourself!

It's a bit different in appearance from the Ripper Jr you could buy complete,  as i wanted more of a senior sized look.   Plus i wanted a bit more bling. 

Structurally the biggest departure I made was using a 1-1/8 cromo fork.  The originals used aluminum forks with a 1 inch steerer tube,  but i figured given the head tube had ample size (they were designed to fit a 1 inch hidden headset) i could go bigger.   Not exactly a straight forward  fit (I have a steel sleeve inside the head tube,  plus other steel shims to add strength so the headset could be pressed in tight) but yes it can be done.  Besides,  the wickedly pointed landing gear forks I have are a thing of beauty,  and needed to be used!

So...... long story short,  here is my attempt at building a modern smaller bike that still has the looks of a full sized BMX.  Have I been successful? Well,  I love it,  but you be the judge.....

Submitted by Bmxdirector