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1985 SE Racing Trick Master

1985 SE Racing Trick Master

Survivor '85 SE Racing Trick Master with 3rd Gen VDC Woody Bars. Rare Freestyle bike by SE Racing. Cleanest original paint and decals green Trick Master known to date. I am now 3rd owner.

Entered in the bmxmuseum 2019 Calendar Build Off. 

Here is a link to the thread that shows pics through the build up...

The original owner swapped out the original bars for the VDC Woody Bars.  He also had it built with green Peregrine Master mags but I could not afford the asking price the second owner seller wanted so decision was made to purchase without the wheels.  When disassembled it was noticed that the stem shaft on the original ACS 20 stem was bent and I did notice some green paint inside when I took off the cap so the bike probably had the original SE Freestyle handlebars at purchase.  I tried for years looking for the same all white ACS 20 stem but all that came up were '87 stamped 20's in silver with white cap so ended up settling on an original finish ACS 45 which I like better and SE ended up later using on these bikes.  The bike did not have levers and just the rear cable was still on the bike with it hanging out the front and the rotor cable piece broken off inside the Rotor.  I took apart and cleaned the original Rotor and replaced the cable.  I found the original levers that SE used on these bikes, Chang Star Tech 4 style levers and the original CS 980 Freestyle calipers were in good condition still but front needed a nut for the anchor bolt and an adjuster/cable hanger.  Threw some NOS Chang Star brake pads on the calipers.  I also added NOS Spinner pegs.  The original seat had been cracked and I found a used $7 replacement but I need to do some cleaning to it & has yet to be installed.  Found some used Skyway OE mags which were stock for this bike and I cleaned them up as best I could.  Bought some NOS LHR Freestyle tires from Lenny back around 10/19/2012 which are perfect for this ride.  SE either used their own SE stamped Freestyle tires on the these bikes or a lot of survivors have been found with all white VEE Rubber tires. No repop here, only new parts added were brake housing and cables and Kenda tubes. Everything else is original to the bike. Thanks to mllrobts for the bike.  Thanks to tbone5446 and others that helped me verify that these handlebars were in fact 3rd Gen VDC Woody Bars.
Mad Props to 77rider for the tires & KTBANONE for the mags.

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