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1982 Scorpion Super Team

1982 Scorpion Super Team

Very rare Scorpion Super Team

I have been after a Scorpion Super Team for a long, long time now.  I love Scorpion's, I have my first ever bike from bitd which is a Scorpion TX (see my bikes), I also have a 1983 Scorpion in chrome which I will be building sometime in 2016.  However this bike came up and I just had to jump at it.

I found a magazine test of this bike and tried to replicate it, however I did use some 'artistic licence' with some parts due to availability and personal choice.  For example the original test bike used Tange TRX forks, however I had a set of Cycle Pro forks in storage so used those instead, the test bike used a Kashimax Aero seat but I personally do not like them so I used a Cinelli Unicanitor, the original bike used Scorpion rims but I couldn't find any so used a set of Weinmann rims. 

Submitted by stidds

  • Race
  • Company: Scorpion
  • Model: Super Team
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Frame: Scorpion Super Team Forks: Cycle Pro Headset: Tange MX2 Stem: ACS Stoker Bars: Scorpion Grips: A'me Unitron Brake Caliper: Dia-Compe MX1000 Brake Cable: Dia-Compe Brake Lever: Dia-Compe Tech 2 Seat: Cinelli Unicanitor Seat Clamp: ACS Seat Post: Scorpion Stainless Rims: Weinmann 7c Hubs: ACS Tyres: Cheng Shin Comp III Cranks: Takagi One Piece Pedals: KMC AMX Chain : Izumi

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