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1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form EX

1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form EX

Bought to use parts for another build... and was going to sell the f/f and faded mags, but had a change of heart and decided to bring the purple people predator to life!

Purchased this of CL to use the acs rotor/brakes/crank/etc on my 87 Mongoose Decade which was bought just as a frame/fork. This colorway came with pinkish purple red stone mags which in almost every other pic I've seen are terribly faded. I played around with some color combos in photoshop and came to the conclusion that if I can successfully dye the mags, then the bike would in fact be a very nice addition to the collection and make for a smooth ride for my kids and I. While this colorway came with one too many different shades of purple/lavender, I said what the hell. If I could get the hue close to either of the other spots of purple on this bike it would all come together with yellow accent parts. Used Rit Dyemore in near boiling water, dropped in the mags with axles removed and metal covered with vaseline. After 5-10 minutes pulled out and was happy with the color, dropped in to cold water & vinegar bath, and once dried gave a coating of wd-40, this method seemed to be the choice way to go after reading the forums. Finished building her back up with my son and daughter (and cat). Very pleased. Was bummed I was late to try and enter the spring build off.

Replaced original ODI grips with reissues.
added Purple KKT pedals.
new ACS cable setup from Porkchop
dyed Red Stone mags
Yellow Kenda comp-3's
Padded yellow seat
ACS Rotor+stem, brakes and levers are actually from a Schwinn Yo Deluxe scooter.