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1985 Schwinn Free Form EX

1985 Schwinn Free Form EX


I've always been a huge fan of Ron Wilton's build in the April 1985 Bmx Action mag, we're talking since the magazine was issued at my young age of 10. Now although it took a few years, I  finally completed it.  This started as a survivor with all the original parts, I went with Pacific Standers and Tech 5 levers as he had it in later 85.  Plus, Iike the way the OG Predator pads look over the Cali Lites.  I hope you enjoy it 

Frame and Fork - 85 Schwinn Free Form EX (OG paint and decals)
Headset - OG to Free Form
Stem - Redline Forklifter with OG print, not a decal
Bars - Redline Forklifter Straight
Grips - Oakley O'wing, I got from Trulyodd
Brakes - Dia Compe 900 / Dia Compe Centerpull (OG to Free Form)
Levers - Dia Compe Tech 5
Wheels - OG Skyway Tuff II w/Metal Flanges and Coaster Brake, I got from Smax 
Tires - 85 Panaracer Freestyle
Cranks - Redline 401 Full Wraps 180mm
BB - Double Dimple with Tange Unsealed
Pedals - MKS Grafight
Chain - Izumi
Seat - Shotgun II
Seatpost - Free Form Stock
Seat Clamp - Free Form Stock
Pegs - Pacific Frame Standers

OG Haro Plate with OG decals that I got from Cancan

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