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1996 Schwinn Super Stock 2

1996 Schwinn Super Stock 2

I finally got it after 19 years.

I Finally got the bike I wanted after 19 years. I won it on eBay for a great price from and awesome seller up in Buffalo. The Bike is clean and has never hit the pavement. I want to take it out and go for rip, but at the same time I want to keep it looking showroom!

My wife tells me all the time that she married a "Man child". I'm not too sure what the means, but don't you think the bike looks nice with my kitchen as the backdrop?

When I was 13 this was the bike I wanted, but it was a bit pricey for a 13 year old. My parents said I could get it just as long as I saved enough and bought it myself. So I shoveled a lot of snow and mowed many lawns trying to save for it. When I finally had a few dollars I realized that I had enough money for the model below, The Super Stock 3. I saw it in the local bike shop and fell in love with it. It was a beautiful candy apple red that stood out. So I pulled the trigger and became one of the happiest kids in the neighborhood. (I still have that bike today)And because of that bike I have countless fun memories. I will never part with it. That bike is also in the Museum. 

I was so pumped to find this SS2 because in a funny way I listened to my parents "You can get the bike, just as long as You bought it yourself" well mom and dad, I did it! 

Now that I have this bike along with the SS3, I would love to buy a same year Super Stock 1. If anyone knows someone looking to part with one comment me please. I will guarantee it a good home. 

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