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1989 Schwinn Phantom

1989 Schwinn Phantom

Rebuild for neighbourhood kid.

I rebuilt this bike for a local kid that needs the help and good influence. Big thanks to Justin Earl of for hooking me up with a fat discount and free shipping on parts. This bike needed basically everything to bring it to this conditions but the foundation had potential so I used all I could. The frame, forks, bars, rims, crank, chain wheel and seat post are all original. The rest of the parts are all new from or custom by me such as decals, pad graphics,valve caps and number plate. It looks great and the kid it belongs to did even recognize the bike to be his. He loves it and I can rest easy knowing he is riding a bike that is safe and he can enjoy like a kid should. Next I have a 2008 Haro F1 to rebuild for his brother that is in very poor condition due to being pulled from a lake by their father while fishing one day. Imagine giving your kid a bike that was pulled from the lake and in such bad condition it was about to fall apart. My kids will never suffer these consequences and neither will these 3 boys if I can help it. Two more build to go for good karma - wish me luck and let me know what you think of this finished product.

Submitted by aballer

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