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1989 Schwinn Predator Flatland Pro

1989 Schwinn Predator Flatland Pro

One of the last awesome Predators - SOLD -

I snagged this up from Dusty during a recent trip to Topeka to pick up another bike altogether (thanks bud).  I have a serious soft spot for Predators and always liked how the Flatland Pro looked in the catalogs as a kid, but had never seen in person or ridden one.  To me, this is one of the last cool freestyle bikes Schwinn put out.  

You can see a lot of differences all the way around compared to it's older siblings, with only the bars and familiar thick top/down tube design at the head tube resembling the old EX models.  Zero offset forks and the funky bends in the stays give it a pretty aggressive look.  Fat recessed drop outs with big thick welds to hold the wheels in place.  The coolest thing to me is the LONG A55 frame stand under the seat.  Take a look at the pic with the shoe.  I wear a size 15 (sorry, they are my nasty riding shoes, but you get the picture).  Shaq could framestand on this bike!  So for us taller/bigger guys, this makes for a pretty cool flatland bike.  The bike came with the OG sprocket and Yo! stem, but i opted to change up the chainwheel and donated the Yo! stem to a non-bmx related scooter that i recently cleaned up.  Thanks for looking. 

Flatland Pro Frame/Fork/Bars

SR Spin Tech (Dyno) Stem
1st Gen Gyro and cables (pieced together from various NOS and older gyros)
Lee Chi Tech 5's
Dia Compe Bulldog Front

Dia Compe AD990 Rear

Duro Tires
AME Stick Font Tri's
GT pegs (F/R)
Tioga Compact Disc
Haro Uni Chainring
HSING pedals
Trick Top seat
Fluted Cro-Mo seat post (off an 86 Free Form Z)
Skika CD Seat Post Clamp
Peregrine 48's

Submitted by DarthBatman