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1980 Schwinn Mag Scrambler

1980 Schwinn Mag Scrambler

Recently picked this one up, mainly for the Skyway Tuff 2's..

Now I can hardly stand to take it apart, it is such a nice survivor.
Whatcha think?

1980 Schwinn Phantom Scrambler
The Schwinn Phantoms are perfect for street or easy-off-road use, built with the quick responses of a true BMX racing machines... the Phantom features an exclusives Schwinn BMX frame design, competition style saddle, coaster brake, Schwinn BMX braced handlebar, Schwinn forged fork, and 20 x 2.125 inch Schwinn Scrambler tires. Choice of nylon MAG wheels or spoked wheels. Weight 33 pounds. still uses a 24" Ashtabula style fork.

Submitted by GAry

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