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1992 Schwinn Predator V-04 Mag

1992 Schwinn Predator V-04 Mag


I finally have my first real childhood BMX back in my life.  I've been looking since 2008 when I got back into the BMX game.  I discovered the Museum in 2012, and in March of 2014 I had my bike back (not the actual bike).  I made a 3 way deal with two museum members all the way in Hungary which is where this bike came from and was made.  It got beat up during shipping, drop out damage and chain stays were smashed in.  I'd like to thank Anchor Bay Bike shop for making it right.  The whole time I've had it, I've been recovering from a broken foot since early Feb.  It's kept my spirits up.  It's been kind of hard to work on, but it's done.  It's amazing how much money you can put into a bike that only cost $222.72 back in 1992.

The bike came to me complete except for tires, mags, and the chain.  I went to Automotive Color Supply and got some aqua touch up paint.  It is perfect!  I waxed the frame.  Some of the decals are faded and messed up, not too bad though.  I sent the bars, chain wheel, seat post, and stem piece off to Chip at C4 Labs.  He cleaned them up and powdered them satin black.  He has awesome prices and is quick!!  As a kid, I used to wax my bike and put armor all on the mags and tires.  I thought I was the coolest kid BITD :)

Here's my parts list.....

Frame/fork/bars/seat post Schwinn
New ACS Z-Mags
Cheng Shin Tires 20 X 2.0
Dia-Compe MX1000's, repops and they are cool!
Schwinn seat (I found the correct seat on ebay)
Sunday Saker 3 piece cranks (No more OPC's)
Black Label pedals
Dia-Compe Tech 77 brake levers
Original Schwinn grips with Duo bar ends
Kalloy stem (original)
KMC black oxide chain
I got the brake cables, freewheel, headset, bearings and cups all from the bike shop
All I need now is the Predator 3 piece pad set for it to be complete.
Thanks for looking
More pictures in the comments section.

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