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1979 Schwinn Mini Sting

1979 Schwinn Mini Sting

Wall art! Purchased most of it from our resident expert ncmalko1!!!

Thanks to ncmalko1 for the frame, forks, bars, chain, seat, seat clamp, wheelset.....

1979 Schwinn Mini Sting 

Frame: Schwinn Mini Sting
Forks: Schwinn Sting gen2 (mini)
Bars: Schwinn Mini Sting
Stem: Team Schwinn
Grips: Porkchop
Headset: Schwinn
Post: Schwinn  Sting 26.8
SPC: Schwinn Sting 
Cranks: Super Maxxy
Pedals: MKS 
Chain: DID
Freewheel: TD Cross Schwinn approved
Wheels: UKAI 20.175 and Sunshine Hubs (flip/flop)
Seat: MX
Brakes: Dia-Compe 

Submitted by Chewing