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1983 Schwinn Predator Team 24

1983 Schwinn Predator Team 24

83 team 24 survivor


pictures of my son riding it the day I finished it. I could not believe the emotions that swelled up seeing him ride this bike, it was like christmas 83 all over again I felt like a kid again and just as giddy as I did the first time I laid eyes on this bike! as cool as it gets with the digital stickers almost all og I will have to either paint or replace the post and maybe the clamp to get it to look all stock, I received one of these on christmass morning in either 83 84 and since I have been back into this obsession of bmx again I have been looking for one, this came up on the bay and I worked out a deal with the guy but my money fell through, it sold and I was very depressed, a month went by and to my SHOCK it came back up, I emailed him this time and we agreed to an even better price and on a sunday night around 11:30 I had a panic sale on the museum and several members came through for me and helped me fund the purchase of this bike, I have to give a GIANT thank you to Robert Moran he has located a NOS set of wheels that are age correct and oem for me to make this almost 100% complete, truly a dream come true!

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