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1984 Schwinn Predator

1984 Schwinn Predator

My 29y/o Predatory Creation

THIS is MY BIKE.  Built by mowing lawns, clearing fields, selling lunch tickets and the some!  Everything on it is VINTAGE, with most ordered from the back of BMX Magazine et al C.O.D. or Money Order, over a corded land line phone!  Still have my red checkered hightop Vans and somewher a set of chrome and black checkered cali pads if my parents ever find em in a box somewhere.  Where to begin?  Well I REALLY wanted a Hutch Pro Star, with an extra set of changeout wheels.  I both raced and stunt biked, but couldn't afford separate bikes, and ruined some fine Arayas in my time doing stunts.  Problem with just ordering or saving for the local bike shop was that my parents didn't believe in "paying that much money for a bike that you're just going to abuse with the tricks and let sit out in the rain...blah blah blah."  And they would have noticed a nice shiney new Hutch sitting in our garage and probably made me return it "on principle".  So next best thing...find a bike with a solid chassis, and start replacing parts of similar color with the good stuff!  The only thing missing that I wanted are the original RL 401 flights.  Highlights:  Tange ARX Aerodynamic Chromoly Front Forks, Hutch chromo 1pc cranks with original Shimano DX pedals that bite just as bad as any other, since your feet slip more.  Have the shin scars to prove it to this the bone a few times!  Z-rims (also had some chrome Araya 7x's back then for racing, but sold em off when started just dirt jump, trick riding), Suzue sealed bearing hubs, GT layback post, original seat, AME grips, original spider and chainwheel, Diacompe adjustable brakes, original SR red stem, Tange aluminum locking headset and I beleive the original bars.  This bike is a package of memories that will words couldn't describe.  And I snuck all this expensive stuff past my parents, except for the forks, since Tange were very proud of their forks back in the day and like emblazended the name on every set they manufactured!  I'm so glad I never sold this for something stupid that would be meaningless at this point.  Still rides wonderfully, though Tuffs were always "wobbly", may get a set of chromes when done with the Hutch.

Submitted by LaughnJar

  • All-Around
  • Company: Schwinn
  • Model: Predator
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details see life story.

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