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1985 Schwinn Predator Team

1985 Schwinn Predator Team

Custom "Wannabe Sting" Team Predator

I have always wanted a Schwinn Sting but really do not want to spend the money for a nice one. I have been watching several frames on ebay and they sell for way more than I am willing to spend. So I came across this team predator frame and fork on ebay ($65) and really couldnt pass up the price.  I already had a set of Schwinn forks and needed the redline forks for another build so I made the purchase!

The chrome was real nice and my first idea was to build and sticker it up with STING repro stickers.  The thought that soon followed was, "thats stupid!!" Although this bike has similair features, the truth is, it is NOT a Sting.  Its like putting BMW emblems on a Chevy.  I decided that I could make my own sticker design and base it off of the Sting instead of calling it something it is not. 

I came up with 2 designs for the repro style stickers and had a friend at Letter Unlimited in Schaumburg, Illinois print them up for me. I made subtle changes such as BI-OVAL instead of Tri-oval and used some different color patterns as well.

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