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1996 Schwinn Predator 24

1996 Schwinn Predator 24

Really nice Schwinn Cruiser!

Picked this one up as a frame and fork at the old school show in Columbus a few years ago.I had a whopping $5 into it so i decided this one was going to be a budget build.Another member who lives close to me had a Dyno Cruiser with a broke frame so he sold me the wheels,stem,and bars for $40.Kurt88 hooked me up with the GT sprocket and cranks plus some free tires.I did a custom rattle can paint job and Hobbes sent me some decals.And this is the finished product.I had a newschool DB cruiser that i didnt like too much cause it was a tank.This one rides soo much better and is a blast to ride.Heres a few pics and some proof that you dont have to spend a ton to have a nice ride!




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