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1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form Pro

1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form Pro

mostly Stock 1987 Schwinn Predator Freeform pro

it has stock Dia-compe Nippon front brake back is Drop Forged Dia-compe rear with springs added to  brake cabel. I swaped out the stock ACS roter for a Odyssey GYRO 2 roter. up graded the brake levers to Odyssey RX.3

stem up graded tio GT meat malet block stem.

the plastic KKT pedals wear swaped for Shimano DX 1/2 pedale

the stock seat post was bent so swaped for this Tioga graber laid back.

cranks stock Schwinn made by SR

BB stock Schwinn

Sprocet stock Schwinn with Tioga crazzy bolts

stock YO rock n ROLL seat

wheels stock YO sealed system 48' with 20.175 torker Grafity tiers by chaing shine

bars stock Schwinn.

pegs front wear stock welded on YO. but they sucked for flat land. + plus you could not do feball grinds with them.they wear a inch and a half round disk. so I took a dia grinder and ground down the welds. to remove the pegs. I saved them just in case I want to put them back. no that there off. I had room to bolt on Haro Fushion grind pegs. the stock back where ok for flat. but I custom ground down a set of standerd industry tight thread pegs to fit on the rear chain stays/drop outs.

well let me know what you think? if you like it make it a fave or leave a coment!


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