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1999 Schwinn Predator FW

1999 Schwinn Predator FW

found as a local junker.. Turned in to a military spec'ed Predator.

Yeah it was cheap so i had to.


heres the story on this bike....

Every thursday, me and a friend go looking for bikes in Marine City

Now, we saw a bike lying in the garbage, he thought it was junk, but i thought it might be nice.

So i went and picked it up. It was this.

It was rattle-canned black.

we got it back home, and poured a cup of acetone, And got started acetoning the paint off.

We were in an enclosed basement, and there were acetone fumes everywhere.

I had to step outside... my head was floating off my shoulders.

And we kept it at his house, and it stayed there for about 3 years.

Its cursed, now we know why it got thrown away.

EVERYONE has fallen off this bike oneway or another.

Kerry, he got thrown in the water falling off it.

Jimmy, fell in the gravel, 3 hours later he still hadnt picked all the gravel out of his arm.

Me, i fell off it head first into a parked car.

Austin, fell off into traffic.

Clay, wasent even riding, it fell off the raftors in to him.

So im  going to build this all XS.

Lets see if i cant tame this "predator" huh. lol


March 31.

Cut off the Pedals, and took kerrys redline flight cranks off it.

Pics when home.


June 10th.

New Black Mags added.


July 25

Nope still cursed...


I was inflating the tires today...


BOOOM!! Right in my face, front tire.


Why does it hate me? lol.