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1997 Schwinn Pro Stock 2

1997 Schwinn Pro Stock 2

Thought I might be reunited after 20 years

In the late 90's my parents bought me my first good bike. A Schwinn Pro Stock 2. I DJ'd it and raced it, did all sorts of modifications and I had just started working in my local bike shop. At some point I moved onto mountain bikes and parted it out then sold it off.

Years later I saw this bike posted for sale locally. From the pictures it looked as if it was my exact old bike. I purchased it as quickly as I could. Sadly it's not the exact bike, but it is the same model/year/color so it scratches the nostalgia itch. I'll clean it up and replace a few parts to make a replica of what I had back then.

If anyone has a red stinger saddle from this era, I'd love to buy it! 

Submitted by Optimusglen