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1996 Schwinn Pro Modified

1996 Schwinn Pro Modified

Original Owner, Custom Painted by Terry V. winter circa 1997

Purchased F/F kit new in the Spring of ‘96 from Bicycle Chain Bike Shop Roseville, Minnesota. Tribute to my late friend Terry V. 

F/F came polished from the factory, decals were not that great of quality, wanted a custom flame  job like what the Foster Bros we’re rocking at that time so it was done in PPG Candy Apple Red with Ghost Flames in the winter that year. Was my daily rider summer of ‘97 until I switched over to a new Haro Monocoque in the autumn. Frame sat boxed up in my attic for 20 years until 2018. 

Parts List as follows....

Frame: ‘96 Scwhinn Pro Mod 1

Fork: Brand X Cro-mo (Anti-Freeze Green/Chrome) 

Headset: Chris King 

Stem: Schwinn XS

Bars: S&M Slam (Dancing Man)

Grips: Jive Handle Tentacles 

Cranks: GT Power Series 180mm (Profile Made) 

Spindle: Profile Titanium Solid 5.625” (Finally Polished the Hex Bolts)

Bottom Bracket: Profile 19mm with hop up kit

Pedals: Crupi Round Pinned 9/16

Sprocket: Profile Imperial 44T (Now has a double-sided polished 44T Profile Tri-Fan) 

Seat post: Origin8

Seat: Schwinn Sting Ray

Clamp: Stock and Polished

Brakes: Paul’s Components Cantilever (Polished)

Lever: Paul’s Components Short Pull (Polished)

Brake Pads: Kool Stop

Cable: Answer

Hubs: Crupi High Flange with Titanium Axels

Spokes: Marwi Rainbow Titanium 

Nipples: Spline Drive Technologies 

Rims: Araya RB-17

Freewheel: Shimano 16T SF MX-30

Tires: Tioga Comp 3 (Fat/Skinny)

Chain Adjuster: Crupi 1st Gen (Polished)

Chain: Sachs 3/32

Xtras: Authentic Sting Ray Pad Set with Matching Dice Valve Stem Caps and Grip Donuts

Complete weight 22.7 lbs 

Build thread right here... 

Submitted by AJ Macaroo

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