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1997 Schauff A-Bomb

1997 Schauff A-Bomb

*This bike doesn't exist*

What if...

[alternate reality]
 What we have here is a catalog-stock Hoffman Bikes 1998 'Punisher,' the Jay Miron signature model. The Punisher went into production in early 1996 as a standard OKC Ramp-Room-era model alongside the Big Daddy and the Condor, and was joined later by the Flash, before production of all Hoffman bikes went overseas. This is a transition model. (The 1996 and 1997 models have 20.25" top tubes and a very relaxed 68* seat tube angle, which makes the top tube effectively 21.25"... the 1998 and 1999 models had a 20.75" top tube and a 70* seat tube angle.) This transition model has the 20.75" top tube of the 98-99, but retains the 68* seat tube. As a concession to Miron's Basic Bykes co-sponsorship, instead of Patriot or Love Handle bars, the Punisher comes stock with Basic Bykes' Whammy bars, and Profile cranks instead of the usual offerings of Primo Powerbite cranks that came standard on the Pro Team Series models of the time, based on Jay's personal preferences.[/alternate reality]

All kidding aside, this is the bike that doesn't (officially) exist. In 1995, Hoffman Bikes was about to honour their all-around (vert, street, mini, flat) Pro Jay Miron with his own signature model, which may have ended up being called the 'Bottle Rocket' or the 'Punisher.' Only one frame was ever made, and when Jay left H*B for Schwinn, it was that prototype that he rode for the first several months, until the first batch of Torque Flights were ready. The prototype's design and geometry was the basis for the Torque Flight, and the later Canadian Beast frames from Schwinn, and even the first Macneil Miron frames. That original Hoffman prototype still exists today, and a handful (less than five?) of 'tribute' builds have been made to preserve the memory of this important bike. Usually built up to the specs of what Jay rode in 1995-96. I decided to go a different route with this build.

What if the 'Punisher' had gone into production? What if Jay had never left H*B? Well... if I had to guess, if the Punisher had gone into production, then the Taj model would never have happened (IMHO, they both occupy a similar segment of the market...) Without the Taj, then the Flash might have retained its Ramp Room design past 1996. There would have been no Deebo. Who knows what changes might have rippled through the entire H*B lineup, perhaps even as far out as 2004. But this is all a 'what if.'

What did happen was, the German company, Schauff, directly copied the Punisher frame design for one of their factory riders, Sven Fanghänel, and produced it in (I assume) fairly small numbers. A few months ago, I called Schauff and asked if there was any way they might have had one of those frames hanging out on a dusty old shelf in the warehouse. So here we are...

Frame: 1997 Schauff A-Bomb, 1" head tube, full 4130 CRMO, OG / factory paint (not perfect, has 20 years of shelf wear and nicks) 
Fork: 1999 HB Superfork (from donor Deebo)
Stem: HB topload (from donor Deebo)
Bars: Basic Whammy bars v2 (thanks Shad!)
Headset: lower 1 1/8" Primo Gorilla (milled down 1/16" to fit) and upper DC Aheadset SX1 (upper portion of head tube milled out to accept the cup.)
Grips: Newer HB
Hubs: HB Girthy (from donor Deebo) disassembled, polished and new repro decals.
Rims: The cleanest set of HB High Roller rims I've seen in fifteen years. disassembled, polished, and reassembled with new black nipples by me. Repro decals from RC Snipe added.
Tires: New HB Skidmark
Brakes: DC AD990 front and rear. Rear is an actual 1997, front is new.
Brake Pads: Dia-Compe (correct white on rear, new 'red' front, which will be replaced when I source a proper set.)
Brake Levers: Dia-Compe Tech99
Brake Plate: raw HB
Crank: Profile 175mm (from donor Deebo)
Bottom Bracket: Profile
Pedals: Odyssey JCPC
Chainwheel: HB 'Rise Above,' 44t
Seatpost: Schauff
Seatpost Clamp: Schauff
Seat: later HB railed
Detangler: complete mutt -- Gyro XL top and mid plate (mid plate was used in order to fit over the SX1, top plate ended up being used to eliminate the need for a spacer) and Oryg lower plate. Gyro XL upper cable, dual lower cable with knarps and london mod setup.
Chain: black KMC
Tensioners: HB
Pegs: 2X SBC 4" c. 1993
Custom decals: 1999 Deebo set for downtube, seat-tube and fork legs. Custom Punisher top tube and head tube decals. Modern HB skull logo for the seatpost. Basic Bikes 'b' on the handlebars.

Thanks, and acknowledgements: RC Snipe (for the decals,) Shad at Goods (for the Basic Whammys,) Ken Osugi (for the disc,) Ant Bloch at Harvester Bikes came thru with the Gyro XL (Toronto, Canada) Sam at Sam's BMX had the Tech 99's (Toronto, Canada) and Clayton at Backpeddling had the SBC pegs, knarps and pedals to finish it off! (Guelph, Ontario, Canada.)

  • Street / Vert
  • Company: Schauff
  • Model: A-Bomb
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 73
  • Seattube angle: 68
  • Toptube length: 20.75
  • Headtube size: 1"