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1979 Schauff BMX Magnum

1979 Schauff BMX Magnum

4 speed moto-cross style BMX.

Velo Schauff Magnum 4 speed bike, with Mag alloy wheels and drum brakes, mudguards etc all as original.

The frame and forks has BY ARCRIUTTI stamped on them, the bike was made in West Germany by Velo Schauff for UK based Tensor Bicycles in Darlington, England.

Bike spec: ITM alloy stem, 2 piece bars with rubber fixed padded crossbar, which has the Velo Schauff impressed on it, 2 piece Thun cranks, 4 speed cassett on rear wheel with a Huret derailleur, and front and rear drum brakes.

Nice bike in the style of a moto-cross.

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