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2018 S&M K-9 D-ZINE

2018 S&M K-9 D-ZINE

Not a real K9 but as close as any of us will get. 

This F&F was built for a friend and fellow Bmx lover. It’s damn near perfect spec tona K9 but built much better! 

Repop S&M K9 Frame
Repop cooks bros forks
Repop White S&M pads
Repop S&M post
Repop comp III tires
NOS GT racelace white hubs
Gold Araya rims
Early S&M slams
DK inverted stem
GT epoch race headset
401 full wrap 175mm unsealed B.B.
Tiger tooth 44t 
Perigrine pedals
Perigrine seat clamp
AME grips
ACS 860 brake
ACS lever

Submitted by bmxandVWs

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