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1994 S&M Widowmaker 24

1994 S&M Widowmaker 24

Stay Hungry! Never built up, chrome is beautiful.

Just got this from the original owner- 1994 S&M Widowmaker Stay Hungry with what looks like the "standard" 1994 24" S&M fork and stickerless Gay Bars.

Other than installing the headset cups he never built the bike up, it just sat in his garage. The chrome is really in great shape except for one of the frame dropouts where there is a little patch that peeled. Otherwise it's awesome, no scratches, no dings, no rust, the stickers are good and the dropouts look new. Not sure what I'm going to do with this. I would really love to build it up but I have too many projects. The  22" ATF that's been waiting for over a year to be put together, I would actually ride that and spring is almost here, the 24" DIRTBIKE that's in pieces, etc etc... the list goes on. It would be unfortunate for it to sit around, but I'm kind of digging just looking at it.

Incredibly cool S&M, I'm way more impressed by it than I thought I would be. Not just the condition but the frame itself is just cool. I'll try and take some better photos to do it justice at some point.  

Submitted by 1970CroMo

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