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1992 S&M Widowmaker 24

1992 S&M Widowmaker 24

This is the oldest known WidowMaker in existence

This WidowMaker was built in 1992 and Sold in very early 1993 it was ordered from Chris Moeller directly as a green frame with green fork. The paint and decals are 100% original. The bars were also ordered at the same time and are pre Gay Bar cruiser bars they have 1 1/2" knurling and the dimensions and specs are totally different from a GayBar, they are the only set I know of to surface so far. I bought the WidowMaker & bars from the original owner. This is a crossover frame & fork it was welded by Severin and is a Pre WidowMaker frame and fork and it was sold by S&M as a WidowMaker.  

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