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1991 S&M Bikes 24

1991 S&M Bikes 24

Pre Widow Maker #048

1991 S&M Pre Widow Maker cruiser #048 built 100% with NOS or Original finish parts there are no restored parts on this bike. This was a tough build due to the year 1991 was a pretty dead time for BMX. All the parts used to build this bike are era correct and finding the gold parts was a royal pain, but the bike looks great and rides great I`m really happy with it. I`d like to give a big thanks to member "HUNT" for giving me a great deal on the frame & fork and for being a really great person to deal with on many occasions. My Best friend "JP" or "DrChopper" was a huge fan and contributor to the S&M Widow Maker Registry before his passing. This bike is a tribute to him……………... 

Parts list :
Frame : 90/91 ? S&M pre Widow Maker #048
Fork : 90/91 ? S&M pre Widow Maker 
Bars : 1990 Robinson Pro Cruiser uncut
Wheels : Araya 7x 
Hubs : Suzue
Tires : Duro
Stem : TNT
Cranks : 4th gen Profile unstamped 185mm
Pedals : Shimano DX original finish
Sprocket : Red Line Bubble font 40t
freewheel : ACS 17t
Seat clamp : NOS TNT
Seat : NOS Odyssey Z77
Seat post : Chrome moly
Grips : NOS Jive Handles
Brake caliper : 1990 date coded Dia Comp Bull Dog
Brake lever : NOS Dia Comp Tech 77
Chain : NOS KMC Chrome
Head set : Bear trap II

Submitted by suicidepan

  • Race
  • Company: S&M Bikes
  • Model: 24
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Headtube size: 1"