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1997 S&M Sabbath

1997 S&M Sabbath

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Once my house caught on fire and the only things I grabbed to save was this bike and my wad of cash!

Frame: 1997 S&M Bikes Sabbath

Fork: 1997 S&M Bikes Pitchforks (wearing sexy-girl Ditchfork stickers)

Stem: S&M Bikes Redneck 1 1/8" Stem

Bars: Hoffman Bikes Love Handles

Grips: ATI Pistol Grips

Bar Ends: VG Bar Ends

Seat Post: Primo Rod

Seat: Primo Hemorrhoid

Seat Clamp: DK 

Cranks: Odyssey Excalibur 1-piece

Bottom Bracket: Sealed American BB for 1-piece cranks

Sprocket: Graveyard 28 tooth

Pedals: Primo Tenderizer

Front Hub: 3/8's 48-hole Primo Son of a Bomb

Rear Hub: 3/8's 36-hole Suntour Freecoaster with Un-Brake 

Rims: Primo Hula Hoops 48-hole front & 36-hole rear (laced up for me by Charley Long of the CBL's)

Spokes: Primo

Tires: Primo The Wall 20x2.1

Pegs: 3/8's Primo Tube Stake

Front Brake: Dia Compe AD990

Rear Brake: Dia Compe AD990

Brake Levers: Odyssey Pitbull front, Unknown rear 

Gyro: SST Oryg

Chain: KMC

Chain tensioners: Primo Venus


I used to ride flat on a '94 Hoffman Big Daddy (which is a story I'll tell in an upcoming Big Daddy post soon), which was absolutely a fantastic bike. Back in those days we would ride no matter the weather. If it was cold outside we'd find a parking garage to ride in. We knew all of the security guards in the downtown OKC area so all was good. Every November around Thanksgiving the ABA Grands would come to town and mostly we weren't interested in it at all, so we never went. On this particular cold and windy night my best friend Ron Harris and I were riding in an underground parking garage across the street from the convention center where the grands were being held. To briefly escape the cold we had decided to ride over to the convention center to check out if there were any vendors and see if by chance they had any freestyle videos for sale. We were allowed to bring in our bikes without question and made it to where the vendor section was. We briefly made our way around the section with not much interest in what they were selling until we came upon the S&M vendor. We talked for a while with them and either they didn't have any freestyle videos or we couldn't afford them. (My memory fails me.) Anyway, one of the guys introduces himself as Sean and asks us where we were riding. We said just across the street in a parking garage and and asked if he'd like to ride with us. Sean retrieved an upturned black bike that had been behind the booth which in fact was his prototype Black Sabbath. Sean was a really cool cat, he was obviously a league above anything we were doing but he talked with us about tricks gave us advice and let us check out his Sabbath and told us about how he had designed it. After that chance meeting with Sean, I saved up some cash and when The Bicycle Store in OKC got in their shipment of Sabbaths I traded in my Big Daddy and paid the difference to buy this red one and Ron bought a black one on the same day, which I now own and will be posting in the upcoming months. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my little story and the bike. 

Submitted by JHARJO

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: S&M Bikes
  • Model: Sabbath
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 74.5º
  • Seattube angle: 71.0º
  • Toptube length: 19"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"
  • Details 4th photo is from early 1997 when I first built it. Check out that blue wrist-wallet as gyro cover! Mid School all the way!

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