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2000 S&M Call Girl

2000 S&M Call Girl

My sexy naked lady... The only raw finish hooker on the block

Found the frame for sale on Craigslist and took a while to get it. I was really surprised it didnt sell before I picked it up, its in really good shape for the age.

I planned on doing an all US made/all S&M build, but that didnt quite happen. The cranks were a DEAL from hell and werent going on it til the last minute - that based the color. Came across the Revenge wheels, S&M sprocket and Colony brake here and that finished her off. If i get the raw Profile cranks I want I'll just change her over to all blue. Shes a tank for sure, but I like em a little thick


The breakdown:

S&M Call Girl frame raw,
S&M Pitchfork raw,
S&M Slam bars raw,
S&M Redneck XLT blue,
S&M Tuff Man sprocket 25T,

Stolen Money grips,
Shadow Conspiracy Slimmer seat purple,
Colony Transformer brake blue,
Revenge Industries wheelset blue,
Primo V-Monster tires, puncture resistant tubes,
Odyssey Black Widow 180mm cranks purple,
KMC purple chain.

Submitted by oldnewbie78

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