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1995 S&M Menstrual Cycle

1995 S&M Menstrual Cycle

early serial menstrual

from all of the research i have done, the menstrual wasn't actually r eleased until 1995. they had expected 94, but it got pushed back. this one was likely from the first batch. the sn is 000083.

the story i got from the owner was this:

the original owner bought it new back in 95. he tried to order a menstrual fork and menstrual stem, but they were apparently sold out or weren't available yet. he ordered a pitchfork and redneck instead. he rode it up until the early 2000's, then sold it to a guy. that guy rode it for awhile and he swapped out a bunch of parts. then that guy sold it back to the original owner. another 10 years passes, then the original owner gives it to a guy i know. that guy then made a deal with the original owner to sell it to me. i always wanted one of these.