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1992 S&M Challenger

1992 S&M Challenger

my daily (monthly) rider

I've scored this one mors than a year ago.

I had never ridden any S&M.
BITD, I would never have imagined buying a racer from S&M .... 

But this bike is a blast, a real pleasure to ride it (but you have to ride it fast, and, heuuu, that's a problem for me :-)

F&F : Challenger 1st Gen
bars : S&M
stem : GT
headset : GT
wheels : Mavic w. Suzue hubs and new Tioga Comp III
Post : shitty
seat : kashi
Clamp : Profile
cranks : GT (Profile)
brake : DC 901 w. tech 7 lever
plate : Zeronine landing gear or Crit

The serial is weird : "SCP"  only those letters, no numbers ??
If anyone can help

Thanks for looking