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1995 S&M Holmes

1995 S&M Holmes

bought frame and fork from ds-1 . took ahile but i finally got something to put the smack down on some backwood trails. i hate mtb's so i biult this. (sold to kid718)

this was biult to take on some mtb trails. i do not feel comfortable on mountain bikes so i biult aa all purpose machine.

biuld list is as follows

warning = may contain an senses overloading of primo products goodness. drueling on keyboard may be a side affect


frame= 95 s&m holmes

forks= s&m threaded pitchforks

headset= yst

stem= primo casket shafted

bars= primo moe's bars

grips= primo v-monster grips

barends= primo

brake levers= primo j-levers left & right

gyro = sst oryg

cables= odyssey slic cables

brake customization= homemade /modified upper gyro cable , machined dk clamp with gyro tabs for dual cable stop

brakes=primo e-brake front & rear / front dna 990 plate

seat= primo hemmroid seat. black plastic with metallic red pad

seat post= primo rod 22.2mm

seat clamp = primo slim

cranks = primo powerbites second gen 185mm. yes they made 185mm powerbites

chainwheel= primo 45t pro chainwheel reversed

chain= shadow interlock (for now)

chain adjusters= primo venus

pedals= primo tenderizers 3 slot model

freewheel= acs fatclaws 16t x 1/8"

hubs= primo son of a bomb hubs, 48hole, 3/8" axles ,sealed bearings

hoops= primo balance 48's .chrome with custom primo pro decal. made to look like peregrine style decal.

axle nuts= 3/8 x 26t superstar pegnuts

valve caps= black dice caps.




Submitted by SCIVIC94

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: S&M Bikes
  • Model: Holmes
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 21"
  • Headtube size: 1"