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This is my #1. (Sorry 4 the grainy photos). Better 1’s coming soon.

When i was a little kid.   My big brother Built a new bike.   & i got his old bike. A 91 S&M Dirt Bike.   & it was identical 2 this 1. - some small parts.  

& i truley loved it.  & i only had it 4 a few weeks.   & long story short.   it was stolen by some older kids in my neighborhood.  

& i did end up getting some of the parts back.  Like the wheels.  
(Which are on here).  & other small parts.  
But i never got the mk2 slam bars/frame & forks back.  

& it’s always bothered me.  

So i looked very hard 4 a while.  & thanx 2 some kind members on here.  & on ebay   I got all the correct parts i had on my old 1.    

Everything has the original finish.  & every nut & bolt is 1991 & older.  Exept the gt/profile crank racer spacers (1992?).  Peregrine bar ends 1994?) & jive tire caps (1995?).  & the tires mite be 93-94 idk???

I also added a og wedgie jackson 
2 protect the forks.  

  • Race
  • Company: S&M Bikes
  • Model: DIRTBIKE
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Frame: 91 S&M Dirtbike Fork: 91 s&m fork (long dropouts) Bars: mk2 s&m slam bars Stem: dk square corner Grips: nos jive handles Bar ends: peregrine Brakes: odyssey pitbull Brake lever: tech 77 (dated 90) Brake cable: dia compe (dated 88) Seatpost: revcore (knurled) Seatpost clamp: 88-90 GT Seat: italia turbo (dated 87) Cranks: profile 4th gen (unstamped) Power disk: gt (wing stamped) Chainring bolts: gt Chainring: gt 43t Pedals: sr speedtrap (sealed) Pedal cages: dk Chain: chrome izumi (dated 85) Hubs: 2nd gen gt racelace with peregrine axle nuts Hoops: sun mistrals factory laced by gt. (came on 90 pro series) Tires: nos 1.50 tioga comp 3’s (rainbow label) Tire caps: air wear jive grips