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1993 S&M DIRTBIKE Platform

1993 S&M DIRTBIKE Platform

The freestyle version of the Dirt Bike

One of the lesser spotted S&M frames, built up with era correct parts form the early 90's. The frame is an early 1992 model with no gusset on the head tube, and the forks are first gen pre boss Ditch Forks.

Frame: S&M Platform Dirt Bike

Fork: S&M Ditch Forks

Stem: TNT Inverted

Headset: Tioga Beartrap II

Bars: Bully Freestyle Bars

Grips: Jive

Lever: DC Tech 77

Brakes: ACS Boa front, Shimano U brake rear

Seat: Fusion Kashi

Seat Post: 22mm chrome

Seat clamp: TNT

Cranks: Unstamped Profile 175mm

Pedals: Shimano DX

Sprocket: Peregrine CD

Chain: Izumi

Tyres: Kenda Freestyle 

Rims: Peregrine Super Pro

Hubs: G-SPort rear, Peregrine front

Pegs: S&M PEGS rear, Yard Stix front.

Submitted by midschooljon

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