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Salvo BMX (2009–2010)

The Story of Salvo BMX
In 2009 two guys who's been friends since 1985 and always had the desire to ride their own bikes, started their own bike company, Salvo Bikes. Now 25 years since this dream began, Gerrie van Dalen and Toby Groenewald saw the first prototype roll out in March 2010 and was called the Salvo "First Fire", which is a frame that can handle both trails and racing.
The idea is to build hand built frames and components for the BMX and Fixi industry that will be quality products as well as being exclusive.
This company is rider owned and both Toby and Gerrie still ride although not like in the old days, but still going strong, in fact Toby got the South African number 1 plate in the 17 challenge class for 2009. 

Nowadays Toby spends his time managing the Salvo Racing team and Gerrie designs and refines the new products, including a vintage line that will include both 20" and 24" frames to stir up some nostalgia. Visit

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