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1982 Saint Tropez Tech 700

1982 Saint Tropez Tech 700

My first bike rides again!!

I finally got around to fixin up my first BMX bike. It's a 1982 Saint Tropez. I'm calling the model a "Tech 700" since thats what is tattooed on the fork. My parents bought me this bike back in 1982 for Christmas. Now, for some strange reason this bike came with Mongoose Motomag II's on it, which I never though was cool until recently. I remember being a kid and hating that they were so heavy and all my buddies had skyways and blah blah blah (stupid kid) lol. I had all intentions of restoring this bike and repainting it and making it "perfect", until a buddy of mine smacked me in the head and told me I was nuts and that it was perfect the way it sits. So, I just cleaned it up and cleared it to fend off any future rust. I got a repop seat, grips, tires and pedals for it since they vanished at some point. I also had to paint the bars and stem cause they were in really rough shape and I picked up some sugino cranks, chainwheel and spider for it from the classifieds. I'm very happy to have my first taste of BMX all cleaned up and back in fighting shape. I could stare at this bike all day...oh the memories.

P.S. a small bit of useful info for anyone else who may find themselves building an old Saint Tropez bike. I lost the original seat post along the way. when I went to pick up a new one, I measured and it was what seemed like a 1" (25.4mm) post. well, I was wrong. Saint tropez used to build primarily road bikes but I guess tried to jump on the BMX bandwagon cause of how popular it was back in the early 80's. I can only imagine that they used some of their road bike parts for the design of their frames and this bike needed a 25mm (not 25.4mm) seatpost. 25mm posts were used on alot of older road bikes. The 25mm post fit like a glove!


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