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1982 St Tropez

1982 St Tropez

Early 80s St Tropez looptail.

Don't know much about these.  Internet research doesn't turn up much.  It's hi-ten steel and heavy.  Built like a tank. 

Made this for my neighbor's kid.  His first 20" bike.  He is 6 years old as of 5/29/13.

The story goes, I had just picked up a '78 Huffy Thunder.  My neighbor had stopped by and his kid wanted to try out the bike.  He had never ridden a 20" before.  So we adjusted the seat for him and he took off riding.  Within a minute, he was doing power skids on the sidewalk, leaving skids over 6 feet long.  He just fell in love with using the coaster brake.  So my neighbor says "Guess we have to get him a 20" bike now" and I offered to build one for him.  

Best part of the story... The kid rides the bike over to his house, goes inside and when he comes back out, hands me a handful of change and says "here is money for the bike."  So I told him he could keep it at his house until he got his own 20" bike (of course I did not take the change).  So then the wheels started turning and I knew I had to build something extra cool for this kid.  His last name starts with a P and his family loves all of the Philly sports teams so I immediately thought "This thing needs Phillies logos on it!"  I knew I wanted it red with black tuffs and not even a week later, just by chance, I found this bike locally (Thanks bigmd!).  The owner had already done 90% of what I had planned and had it powdered already (by my powder guy) in a stunning metallic red!  A few changes, some cool decals and an exhaustive search for the odd-sized seat post and it's finally done!

Here's the breakdown.
  • St Tropez hi-ten steel frame and fork
  • Powdercoated by GSD Coatings in Keyport, NJ
  • Custom Phillies logo decals
  • Skyway Tuff Wheels
  • NOS Schwinn Sate-Lite mag wheel reflectors
  • Red anodized valve caps
  • New A"ME round grips
  • Original (to the frameset) redline style bars
  • New aluminum 25.0mm seat post (odd size, not 25.4)
  • New, old school style padded seat
  • 155mm cranks (Thanks ANTDOG!)
  • New black kid size pedals
  • Front and rear reflectors (I had taken them off of my mountain bike when I got it)
Check out GSD Coatings for all of your powdercoating needs

Submitted by GHMGT73

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: Saint Tropez
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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